Thursday, July 23, 2009

Certain Fads, Stripes and Plaids; Single's Ads

Trying to stretch my wings a bit (but always holding on to the almighty pun).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

rock the spot like basquiat, minus the heroin

You'd swear they were brothers...just sayin

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On Finding The Perfect Blogger

I've been a bit "angsty" about relationships of late.That's not fair- I've been more angsty than usual- which means I'm not sleeping. Questions on how one maintains them, or even starts one, and on the different kinds that keep us afloat (or the ones we sever to keep us from sinking); these are the musings of a post-teen adult in flux.

While playing "how much time can I waste on the intertubes," I stumbled upon a site cultivated by an LA designer, called Kitsune Noir. The site is populated by images and music that he thinks are worthy of some form of commentary. Which is how these blog dealies work, as I'm sure you know.

ANYWAY- hiss tastes are fantastic- his site is visually awesome (there is one page dedicated to new, interesting wallpapers)- he has two favorite pies (peach & pumpkin)- and he has a mixtape component that, aside from a mis-title on a SpankRock song (he said "Backyard Better", but we all know it's "Backyard Betty") is pretty much in line with anything else being touted as "cool" on the intersphere. It's actually everything I want for my guess this is my last post, since he's totally doin it big.

I just made myself feel bad...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mr. President...Knotts?

After watching a Jimmy Carter interview discussing his new book & plan for peace in the Holy Land, I came across a comforting thought. Jimmy Carter & Don Knotts; twin brothers or a man living a mysterious double life? It makes sense. One man overlooked & "policed" the quaint town of Mayberry, the other, tried to protect the quaint village of, "The World."

It's comforting...even tho, there are other theories about Don...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

They Send Kisses

Welcome 2009, because you bring news from my favorite band in life: The Wrens.

You bring a new song.

And also, this pleasant note from their newly launched homepage:

With our apologies, no shows scheduled since the end of '07. But, between you and me, we're eyeballin' SxSW this year (2009 as I type this).

I believe this shall be a great year.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Don't Mis(dub)step

The dub is the cornerstone of hip-hop & reggae and any black music you tote today. Hype up the drums, drop the vocals, and swill the contents of your brain into a fine mush substance; this is your brain on dub.

I went to club love in the early half of fall, for an all night dub party which started my obsession. Then I picked up a copy of I love Dub Step, and the usage of low dwelling sonics, pulsing yet mechanic basslines, and pure electronic energy got me hooked.

Then came my most recent discovery, Rusko's Essential mix- all the dub you could want. It's a safe sampling for those not yet sure of their allegiance to dub, and possibly one of the best introductions I've seen.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

A little Release

Tackling the idea of jumping from hype to hero is tough in and of itself. Hell, getting signed off a demo is pretty damn hard. Still, as unfathomable as it may seem, that's the new lane rappers are using to build their stock, re-(pro)tool their tracks, and live in the light as long as possible, without even dropping a full length. Wale & The Cool Kids are the progenitors of this idea, but Kid Cudi, Izza Kizza & Kid Sister seem to be picking up on the play without too much lag.  It's dumbfounding, mostly because rap is about wordplay, and units, but now, it's about downloads and page hits. 

We're growing a legion of rappers who don't sell records, and roll modes who don't crank out hits, just crank "dat," what dat is, may be seen when an album is actually dropped. Enjoy you're free download ep's until then! 

This is dedicated to Lil'Wanye, without whom, this platform wouldn't be possible.